SAAS Service

Solution as a Service is a new service model. As a medium between the cloud software and the cloud platform, it covers complete solutions, and subtly integrates application services to improve the productivity and innovation capability of enterprises with relatively controllable costs.

Solution as a Service

Why do we use Fuse?

All traditional enterprise intranet solutions are expensive and difficult to maintain, and have long construction periods, which is difficult for users to accept. Furthermore, they run slowly after accumulating a lot of previous data. In contrast, Fuse only needs customers to pay for the usage of Fuse. After implementation, all services, including management, deployment, development and support, are completed by us, completely dispelling customers’ misgivings.

Business Advantage

Fuse not only allows enterprises to gain from information and social contact, but also can be more helpful for enterprises to achieve “transformation” than any other traditional solutions. Fuse is a reliable enterprise portal designed and developed based on over 20 years of experience in enterprise intranet solution. It can help enterprises quickly implement a complete user-friendly portal of employee collaboration and performance on existing basis, thus reducing the overall cost of enterprise transformation.

What is Fuse?

Fuse is a collaboration solution hosted on the cloud. It helps enterprise employees improve their participation, motivation and efficiency, makes it easier for enterprise teams to share their thoughts or ideas through enterprise social contact, blog and community, and thus promotes the two-way communication.

User Experience and Customization

Fully considering user’s demand in design and development, Fuse allows users to customize their websites and client plug-ins as per their needs. Meanwhile, it will proceed to enhance product functions based on the requirements of users and business.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting, a solution satisfying world-class security standards and completely developed and constructed on the cloud, allows users access Cloud Hosting anytime and anywhere through mobile devices without upgrading or reconfiguring software, which ensures the security and data integrity. With the aid of Cloud Hosting, enterprises can focus on focus on their own business.

Intelligent Manufacturing Cloud for SMEs

In China, more than 90% enterprises are small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which have contributed 60% of China’s GDP, 50% of revenue and over 75% of employment opportunities. Therefore, how to help SMEs develop rapid and healthy will, to a certain degree, determine China's economic prospect. After analyzing the current major “pain points” in SMEs management, we believe that: firstly we should strengthen lean management and the transparency of production process, and enhance the level of flexibility in order; secondly, we should strengthen the basic management and failure prediction for the advanced intelligent equipment to improve the health level of equipment. Accordingly, we launch smart factory operation & management platform (MOM) and equipment performance management platform (APM).